Man of Steel: The New Superman Costume

Man of Steel Logo

The new costume of Superman from the upcoming movie Man of Steel has a lot of difference the original superman costume; it has no trunks, but only a belt that covers part of his waist, hovering in front of the barcode.

superman new movie suit

All else is more or less as most of us expect–red boots, red cape, no serious changes to the “S” emblem on his chest. He has neither the red tights of the pre-New 52 Superman Costume nor the collar of the newer 52 Superman Costume, opting instead for the classic acrobat collar.

superman new costume man of steel

More pictures have surfaced of the newSuperman costume and it has got fans in quite a heated debate. While many believe that the costume is simply evolving with the times, others are outraged at the obvious differences. Some fans have compared the costume change to that of Batman, claiming that it has worked for the Batman, so why not Superman, but some fans now believing the Superman story is done.

New 52 SupermanSuperman 52 New old version

Do you think they should have kept with the original Superman costume, or do you think the new skin tight Superman outfit is bringing Superman into a new era?


Batman Beyond Series

Batman Beyond Animation Series
Batman Beyond Animation Series
Batman Beyond was one of my FAVORITE Batmans. Maybe Batman Beyond could never replace or compete with the early 90’s Batman Animated Series, but Batman set in the future with some new characters would certainly shake things up. I think WB should go with Batman Beyond after The Dark Knight Rises. It can stay in continuity the Nolan’s films, and it would be ok if they get a different director because the film would take place in the future. The future setting would call for a different look and feel that a new director could provide. This is a way WB could reboot without starting over. I want to see progress in Batman’s story, unlike The Amazing Spider-Man. I want to see Batman’s story from beginning to end.
Batman Beyond Movie Poster
Batman Beyond costume is also one of the most impressive costumes in Batman Costumes even Superhero costumes.
Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis
Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis Costume
It was actually almost 18 years old at the time of the series’ inception. However, its technology is so advanced that the Batman Beyond Suit is still considered state-of-the-art. One of the most notable features of the suit is that it now covers the entire face, a departure from previous costumes. The cape has been eliminated, being replaced by glider wings under the arms. Thrusters built into the boots allow Batman to fly in the absence of wind. However, for long range flight, he has an aerial version of the Batmobile to use. The Batsuit conforms to the size and physique of its wearer, as seen by how it was able to fit both Terry and Bruce, who had different physical statures at the time. It is very durable, being able to withstand massive concussive forces, fire, lasers, electric shocks, underwater pressure, wind force, and even radiation in small doses.
Here are some Batman Beyond Cosplay:
batman beyond cosplay
Batman Beyond Costume from Luckysuits
Batman Beyond Costume from
batman beyond cosplay

My Favorite Batman Costumes

Since the first appearance of Batman on screen in 1943, the Caped Crusader has gone through transformation after transformation, batman costumes changes after change some more subtle than others. When looked at in their entire scope, the changes over the years have essentially made the Batman a new person altogether.

Batman Costumes Evolution in 70 Years
Batman Costumes Evolution in 70 Years

When it comes to the Dark Knight Batman, it seems to be tradition that the outfit change with each outing.

Batman: Dark Knight Rises
Batman: Dark Knight Rises

My favorite will always be the Adam West costume, the Classic Grey and Blue Spandex Batsuit used on the TV show and movie.

Adam West Batman
Adam West As Batman
I also like the first Michael Keaton costume.
Micheal Keaton as Batman
Micheal Keaton as Batman

I draw the line on George Clooney’s nippled outfit. 

George Clooney Batman Costume
George Clooney as Batman

Christian Bale’s Black Batman Costume is modern and functional, but too black. It’s too dark and brooding for my taste. It still looks cool, but it just doesn’t say Batman to me, especially with the vanishing bat symbol on the chest. 
The Dark Knight Rises Black Batsuit
The Dark Knight Rises Black Batsuit